Brief Introduction

FeiMing Chemical Limited is a company specialized in the organic opto-electronic materials, monomers (polyimide monomers) and specialty chemicals. Since its establishment in 2010, the company has established a complete system of product quality, it has supplied high quality products and satisfactory services to customers in more than 50 countries. Most of our products are applied to electronic materials, high-performance materials, colorless polyimide film, pharmaceuticals and new energy etc. We also provide consulting and customized services for customers from all over the world. Today, we provide customers comprehensive services including pre-sale consultation, product manufacturing and delivery.

In order to achieve the goal of resource sharing and win-win cooperation, we will endeavor to supply value-added solution.
Main Product:
Polymer/Polyimide monomers
High-performance material monomers, Polyimide and Colorless polyimide film monomers. Alignment layer monomers, Optical film and aeronautical material monomers, Specialty dianhydride and diamine
OLED/OPV/PSC/ materials and intermediates
Chemicals for organic light emitting materials, Aniline derivatives, Fluorene derivatives,Carbazole derivatives, Anthracene derivatives, Naphthalene derivatives , Phenanthrene derivatives, Pyridine derivatives ,Hole transport material, Electron transport material, Fluorescent material, OPV donor materials, OPV acceptor materials, Perovskite solar cell material, New energy materials.
Specialty Chemicals, Pharmaceutical intermediates, Catalysts
Pharmaceutical chemicals, Active pharmaceutical ingredient, Fine chemicals, Chiral catalysts, Paint coating, Auxiliary agent, Water treatment,Cosmetic materials,Food additives and plant extract, Other organic intermediates,
Enterprise Culture
Core values: Integrity, Pragmatic, Sharing, Gratitude
Employment ideality: People oriented, Seek common ground while reserving differences
Environmental concept: Advocate green environmental protection and care for life and health
Service tenet: Customer’s success is our goal.