Project Description

Synonym: 4-Ethenylphenol acetate
CAS No.: 2628-16-2


Appearance Colourless liquid
Purity by GC,% ≥99.0
Water content,% ≤0.10
Clarity(10%w/w)Methanol Soivent Clear
Turbidness (NTU) ≤10
Polymerization inhibitor,%(MEHQ) 200-300ppm
Al ≤10ppb
Ca ≤10ppb
Mg ≤10ppb
Cu ≤10ppb
Fe ≤10ppb
Na ≤10ppb
Ni ≤10ppb
Zn ≤10ppb
K ≤10ppb
Mn ≤10ppb
Cr ≤10ppb
Sn ≤10ppb
As ≤10ppb

Total metal ion content of less than 500 ppb (specifications are 100 ppb max for individual metals, with typical product quality at less than 150 ppb total). High Purity (GC)≥99.0%
Colorless , Transparent and Electronic grade(10 ppb max for individual metals)
For Electronic Polymers —Poly(p-hydroxystyrene)